Thursday, March 3, 2011

Having a Happy Birthday.....

Okay.....I will admit it, once I hit the big 40 something in my brain freaked out just a bit.....and then I realized that maybe I was looking at this whole birthday thing the wrong way! There was nothing to be sad about, nothing to melt down over, there was just another year ahead of me, and oh-my-gosh, the possibilities were endless! I know a lot of people that hide from their age or tend to try and ignore their birthdays.....and I have never really understood that thinking...anybody who knows me can expect to be alerted of my pending birthday about a month in advance.
As far as I am concerned every additional year we are here is like a gift! One more opportunity to celebrate ourselves (yes, you should absolutely celebrate yourself daily)....raise our glasses to life, and get excited about what is yet to come! Even if you are not where you would like to be, that just means you get more time to get it all get another opportunity to figure it all out and make your life into the dream you have always envisioned for yourself! What could possibly be bad about that when you think of the alternative???
With each grey hair and wrinkle that has moved in over here at Heatherland it has certainly become a little more daunting, but at the end of the day, if I never aged, if my appearance never changed.....well what the heck would I have to complain about?? So, this year, no matter how old you are.....make your birthday an active celebration of your life!~~
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!! I love you!
Your ever-aging wife, Heather

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