Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Live an EXTRA-ordinary life.....

Sometimes we make the word EXTRAORDINARY into something bigger than it has to be. We believe that in order for things to truly BE extraordinary, then they have to be some enormous something or other....a grand gesture, a big difference.....a monumental change. But maybe extra-ordinary is as simple as it sounds; something a bit more than the ordinary we are used to. So, is a great day to step outside of your realm of ordinary, and make a move towards something different, something a little outside of your comfort zone.....something you have been putting off doing! If life is truly comprised of a bunch of tiny little moments, then WOW....that means we each have the potential for a million little opportunities to lay the ground work for what can only wind up being a truly EXTRA-ordinary life! The choice is yours.....more of the same or something gob-smackingly fabulous! I choose extra-ordinary with a side of amazing!

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  1. I love your words of wisdom! Thanks Heather! I needed that today :)