Monday, February 21, 2011

Aventure ahead....

It started out like any other day....until the squirrel somehow managed to fall down into the fireplace shaft and land in the basement....though at the time we had no idea that was what had happened. I knew I heard a loud noise in the fireplace, and I knew I heard something scratching a few minutes later. It was a strange morning to say the least. Ironically enough, each time my husband came into the room the scratching stopped, so I'm pretty sure that although he was too kind to say anything, he thought I was losing my mind..... All week long the scratching and other odd noises continued. We took the entire fireplace apart looking for whatever had landed in there and we found nothing. It was a mystery and it was driving me nuts. Being the devout animal lover that I am, I simply couldn't live with the idea that maybe an innocent little bird was trapped in there and there was essentially nothing we could do.
So, here comes Friday, another day with nothing special on the horizon. I am in the basement working at the computer when suddenly a strange noise behind me.....I turn slowly to try and find the source of the noise and there, perched on top of a shelving unit is a squirrel.....staring right at me. Maybe he wasn't nervous because we had been feeding him and his friends right outside our window for so long..... Maybe he thought that if he freaked out he would no longer be welcome in his new home. Whatever the case may be, that squirrel never flinched, he just sat there staring at me like he belonged there. I of course went flying out of the basement to find my husband. Mystery animal solved. Now the question became how did he get it, and more importantly, how do we get him out?
Hubby came downstairs, but of course Mr. Squirrel was nowhere to be found so we searched for the point of entry. Sure enough, right next to the furnace below the fireplace was a little hole where you could clean out things that had fallen underneath the firebox.....another mystery solved. Off to rent a cruely free trap in the hope of being able to return Mr. Squirrel to his outdoor haven where he belonged. Pita bread and peanut butter nealty placed in the cage and we wait.....24 hours and nothing. Smartest squirrel ever, but hubby was smarter.....he found the clean out box outside, popped the door open and we prayed the squirrel would hop his way to freedom. Sometime late yesterday our prayers were answered and Mr. Squirrel showed up outside the family room window in search of food.....but I'm pretty sure that this time instead of just staring at me, there was a friendly little wink and a wave because after all, we had been roommates all week, so the least he could do was show a little gratitude, right?
Never underestimate what sort of adventure may show up on a seemingly normal day! A big thank you to Mr. Squirrel for shaking things up a bit, and for not tormenting our cats or dog in the process!
Have a fabulous day and don't forget to feed the squirrels!


  1. So cute, Heather! And so thrilled to find you blogging again. I've missed you!

  2. Thanks Miss Annie! I hope all is well with you and hubby's hand is back to normal!!!

  3. Hubby is healing very nicely. Thank you! <3