Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do NOT Lists....

We spend a great deal of our time making endless TO DO lists.....when maybe we should be focusing a little more energy on
DO NOT LISTS................
-do not compare myself to others
-do not settle for anything less than bliss
-do not forget to pamper myself
-do not forget to laugh
-do not forget to say thank you
-do not forget to eat chocolate
-do not forget to smile at stangers
-do not ignore beauty and the many forms it comes in
-do not get lemon juice in my eyes because it really burns
-do not forget the power that one little random act of kindness can hold
-do not live unconsciously
-do not take life too seriously........................
Today, instead of sitting down to write out YOUR to-do list, maybe you could instead try your own version of a DO NOT LIST!!! I promise all of those tasks you couldn't wait to scribble down will be still be there!
Have a magical day!

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