Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you ART people.....

I'm trying to discipline myself and only post once a day.....because I'm a chatty sort of girl and need to muzzle the mouth/hands sometimes....but what the heck...when something inspires you, I say run with it!
I've been spending a bit of time clicking through the seemingly never-ending artsy-inspiring-magical blogs out there in web land and I have to see that it's been truly eye opening. If you're a creative person then you will understand when I tell you that at any moment of any day, I seem to have a swirling buzz of colors flying around in my head.....and every once in a while words and phrases pop into the chaos and it can feel like if I don't find a way to flip the "off" switch then my head might explode. But as I am reading through all of these other blogs I am slowly learning that I am not alone in this colorful and creative chaos. For a while I thought it was a curse and really wished that I could just function on a normal level and in some sort of an organized fashion, but now I just feel like.....well, I feel like it's all going to be okay! So, I just wanted to briefly send out a little "thank you" to all of you creative types who have poured your hearts out via your work and your words! You are an inspiration and have given me the permission slip I have been searching for that has freed me up and allowed me to see 'art' and it's never ending possibility for manifestation as a gift! and I am forever grateful!!!
Wishing you a day with eyes wide open!

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